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Default Restoring Ajax Mardi Gras/Midnight Sparkle Kit

Hi guys I'm new to the forum so escuse me if I break any rules.........I've had this Ajax kit sitting around for the past couple of years it had a real ugly faded black wrap on it .....1 of the Toms was a I was borrowing some skins of it for a newer kit I bought when I relised the Pearl Tom was 14" and I don't believe it started out life as a Tom I think it was a deep snare due to it's interia holes......Anyhow I unwrapped it and it was white. I then started to wonder what the Ajax shells looked like originally so I stripped them down and unwrapped it and found them to be black with coloured confetti type glitter a bit of research helped me find the wrap was rogers Mardi Gras and Ajax used it for a little while....but that is all I could find out.
Does anyone have any info on these's a 20" bass drum with holes for 1 tom and 1 cymbal and a 16" floor tom I think the rack tom is 12" the snare has a fantastic jazz sound and has offset lugs .....the bullet type ones....
Also the horrible faded wrap the guy used was a type of tape and has left glue which is very hard to shift..any suggestions would be great....
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