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Default Nov 30, 2010 - TV show! for drummers

As you all should know I rarely post any links to other sites and or promote my other projects here. But, this is a special case...

I'm going way out on a limb here and "exposing" myself to the world with a t.V. show called WTTB- That 70's Drum Show.

We have two shows in place already and a bunch on the horizon in the works.

So here is the link to the web site (I'm the guy by the T.V. )

(Click the t.v. screen on the home page for the current shows)

I figure prior to any forum member calling me out, it was best just to get this over with and announce it myself.

So if your a YouTube member, Subscribe! Then as a show is added you will get updated.

Thanks and I feel better that I got this out of the way.... The show of course is not easy for me because I like to remain private, but in the spirit of having fun, I broke from my mold.

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