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Default Re: Converting a 16x18 Gretsch floor tom to a bass drum

Originally Posted by OddBall View Post
If you take an inch off each end, cut new edges, After tuning, your head ring will rest about a quarter inch from the top of the lugs. There wont be one authentic thing about it.

All you will be doing is making a weird looking phony and removing one more 18" some rock drummer will need one day.

By no means am I suggesting or telling you what to do with your gear. In the name of vintage drum preservation, an authentic phony is pretty silly.
I hear you Oddball. I might keep this uncut and and just play it as a bass drum for awhile, but keep the 18 diecast hoops in case I decide to pass it on. I play plenty of rock gigs and some of the music is pretty heavy but I get everything done with 14s and 16s.
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