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Default July 18, 2006 - Updates Finally!!

Well, I have been busy in areas other then my web site. I recently took over the webmaster position for Bill Ludwig III at

Bill is fun to work with and look forward to lots of changes, a new forum over there and a new store with copies of all of the back issues. We will be working out something for forum members who do not have subscriptions.

I'm also at a dead lock for the Puresound Wire project because of the Pearl Jupiter and Sonor snare I can't find. Click Here. What's it going to take guys if you have either of these two drums we can work out a good deal to borrow them!!

I also do work for other web sites that will remain un-mentioned that are in the vintage community.

In regards to my web site, I finally got word that the new server has been ordered and I can seperate all of my domains and set up all of the web sites I have planned. Click Here

I also added more to the Terms page and added the "Parts to a drum" and how to measure a drum page. Kind of goofy, but it might help some new people to drums and educate them quicker then having to figure it out themselves. Next drum I photograph I will add pictures for measuring a drum to have a visual for people to better understand.

Other then that things are slow on the updates and adding new items to the web site.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks to everyone for keeping this forum about drums and drums only!!

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