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Default Re: Another Rogers Toy

The very first Rogers set I ever saw up close and personal was a set just like that: 12/13/16/22 in Champagne Sparkle. I was in Junior high but went to the high school for my after school drum set lesson (from the high school band director who had a Masters in Percussion) and another kid a couple years older (who played trombone in the school band but drums in a rock band) had his Rogers set there in one of the back rooms. I had my own gold sparkle Club Date set at the time but I was gaga over this beautiful set in perfect condition, especially the swivo hardware. That double tom mount impressed the heck out of me. Not long afterwards the owner traded them in towards a new Rogers set. It was black with Memri-Loc hardware and was an Octa-plus style set (did I mention this was a rich kid? not sure how he hauled that big set in his '67 Corvette). That newer set didn't impress me as much as the earlier set had. I maintained my loyalty to Ludwig (probably because I couldn't afford Rogers stuff) but that first sight of that Champagne sparkle set left a lasting impression on me.

Very cool set you acquired.
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