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Default Re: Can anyone help me work out the age of this Zildjian cymbal?

Originally Posted by Chromeo View Post
It's either a swish knocker or pang. Most likely a swish, although most swish knockers are riveted I think. The 3 dots would suggest it's from the 60's, but I have a hollow logo Avedis Zildjian (70's/ 80's) that has the 3 dots. This cymbal you have doesn't have a hollow logo. I'm going to say it's from the 60's, because of that premier stamp. The font used seems like the old premier logo from the 60's. What it's doing on a Zildjian cymbal is beyond me. I've never seen that before. In the 60's Premier were making their own Super Zyn cymbals to compete with Zildjian.
There are indeed other stamps with the three dots, as I mentioned. But this stamp is the 60s one, not the later three dots ones from the hollow ink logo period, and not the mid 50s one. I can tell because there are other differences between the stamps beyond presence/absence of "the 3 dots". Alas, I don't have any published info documenting and illustrating these other differences fully yet. But if you look at yours, I think you will find that the stylized Ottoman portion and the "ZILDJIAN Co" don't appear in bold relative to the other text on the stamp. For an example of the bolded distinction see below where there are two green arrows pointing towards the bolded elements. This is a "no 3 dots" late 50s stamp, and it also illustrates a vertical alignment of the H over the E.

The bolded elements are shared between the 50s stamp and the 60s stamp, as is the vertical alignment of H over E.

Your stamp probably lacks the vertical alignment of H over E (basically the MADE IN USA is more spread out), and lacks the bolded elements. It may even have a CO. (upper case O) rather than a Co.

If you post a picture of the stamp I'll have a look, but you should be able to tell with what I've written so far. And if what I've guessed about your stamp isn't correct then please definitely post a picture. As far as I know we don't yet have a catalog of all the stamps which were used from the late 70s until the laser stamps took over. I've seen a few variants but I don't even know if that is a complete set. But then I'm just a beginner at this Avedis Zildjian philately. I'm just trying to create quality documentation of the terminology and complete illustrations of the type specimens. All the original work is down to Drumaholic who is the pioneer.
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