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Default Re: Can anyone help me work out the age of this Zildjian cymbal?

Originally Posted by Black Label View Post
Hi. Just as a matter of interest - how do you know it's from the 60's? Is it the three little dots inside the squiggly thing?
Among other things, although there are many other stamps which have "the 3 dots". If you really want to know I can point you to multiple ways to tell. All properly illustrated and with terminology defined: the 3 dots

But the original timeline scheme is the one by Drumaholic, and he's the expert. I'm just compiling some bits and pieces until he publishes his book which at last count was still 7 years off. His old article:

@ Dannyboy: to find the value of those just look up sold auctions (NOT asking prices) using advanced search on eBay.

About the type: Place the cymbal on a table, bell up. If the flange lies flat on the table it is a pang, and if it curves up it is a swish. My reference for this comes from this 1976 (not: not accurately dated) description of Zildjian cymbal types.

Note you should look for both terms pang and swish on eBay because most sellers aren't sure of the names and might use either.
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