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Default Re: Questions on Staining 70s Ludwigs

Jeff from JCCabinets will probably have more detail than I will, but the fact is, stain will highlight any plug or patch. The fact that fillers say that they are "stainable" doesn't mean that they will stain the same as the surrounding wood - They won't. If you were to make plugs that perfectly matched the holes (and the plugs were made showing the side of the grain, not end grain like on dowels), you will still likely see little circles where the glue line is.

This is why most people don't stain the wood of unwrapped, refinished drums. They simply put on a topcoat of polyurethane or lacquer so they don't highlight imperfections with stain. and a low-sheen or matte finish will help to further mask the imperfections.

One other option is to stain it very very dark. This would help hide repairs and such.

I hope this helps.

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