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Default Re: Late '60s LM402s

According to Gier (p22) this is the summary:

The Baseball Bat continues in use until about Feb 1968 and the 570000 serial number range. The Small Knob (3/4") tone control resurfaces when the Baseball Bat is discontinued in the Feb 1968 time frame. The Small Knob is mainly seen on Acros and marching drums at that time. The 1" Large Knob tone control is also introduced in 1968. It appears on drums with serial numbers as low as 570438 and date stamps as early as FEB 1, 1968.

This was the state of the evidence in 2013 and data collection is ongoing so precise details of earliest and latest date stamps and serial numbers are subject to change.

ref: Gier, Richard E, 2013: Serial Number Based Dating Guides for Vintage Ludwig Drums, Rebeats Publications
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