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ChaseOfBass 01-03-2016 08:43 PM

Plugging holes on a Rogers snare
Tried to find info on this and couldn't find the answer to all of my questions...
I recently purchased a 1963 Rogers Holiday snare from a a flea market for $25(!!!!). The snare is in fantastic shape with one, rather four, exceptions. Someone replaced 4 of the B&B lugs with significantly longer MIJ lugs. So they mounted the MIJ lugs in the B&B top hole but drilled a new hole under to accommodate the much longer lug. So as I replace those lugs with B&Bs, there will be 4 holes showing underneath them.
I read that dowels would be the best option to fill them. But what do you do about the wrap? Could I cover the dowels with little circles of blue sparkle? Is it even worth plugging the holes? Any info is much appreciated.

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