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mchair303 05-22-2020 02:47 PM

Questions about this Majestic Snare????
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Picked up this Majestic snare at a yard sale. It was covered in years of grime and dust and missing a couple t-rods, but I thought I could clean it up and give it to one of my students. After getting it home and examining some of the features, I realized that it looks nothing like the Star-made Majestic line I've seen in the past.

First, it has ten lugs. Most of the MIJ snares I've owned had 8 lugs. In place of the usual simple snare strainer/tensioner, it has a beautiful snare throw-off (identical to Tama's CL strainer) and a butt mechanism with tensioner. Also, the tone control knob has a quick-release feature. (see pictures).

After doing some on-line research, it appears that this snare resembles the Tama snares of the late '70s rather than the Star-made Majestics of the '60s. So my question is, after Star became Tama, did Tama continue to make the Majestic brand?

I may end keeping this myself rather than give it to a student. It actually sounds very good. The original Evans All Weather Parade batter head sounds really warm like a calfskin.

Any info on this snare would be appreciated.


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teverson-sr 05-24-2020 07:05 PM

Re: Questions about this Majestic Snare????
There seems to be a period in the early 70's where Star was all over the place building this that and the other thing. A snare with faux "Sound King" lugs when their main production was the "Teardrop" lugs with the flange.Maybe stencils used up old hardware on newer shells. It did come out very nice,and ten lugs...I don't think they made that strainer mechanism for very long.

mlayton 05-24-2020 10:15 PM

Re: Questions about this Majestic Snare????
Nice job on the cleaning detail. Looks great!


mchair303 06-01-2020 09:05 AM

Re: Questions about this Majestic Snare????
Thanks for the comments guys. I don't normally keep any MIJ snares in my arsenal, but I think I'm going to keep this one just because it sounds so good. It's changed my opinion about MIJ snares.


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