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Hockeydude19 05-14-2020 05:12 PM

Rogers Holiday Set question.
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An aging friend is now in assisted living and his family is clearing out and has sold his house already. He wanted me to get the drum set before it was thrown away, which I was able to get before it started raining, it was already at the curb! It's a 1962 Holiday set in Black Onyx Pearl wrap from what I can tell. All the serial numbers are low 30,000. I've restored a lot of snare drums, but this one is missing a ton of parts along with the common cracked lug assemblies. Appears to have two original Rogers heads on bass and floor tom which is cool. I'd like to get my friend some money for the set but fear it would take to long and too much money to get back in complete condition, lots of weird little and big parts missing. Snare: missing one complete lug assembly, the back plate that holds the strainer on the clock face throw is gone, no snare wires/strainer, visual cracks in other lug assemblies. Bass: three complete lug assemblies missing and two lug screws, spur tightener for top, tom arm missing adjustment screws. Floor and small tom are just missing some lug screws. Perhaps a few more minor issues. Would it be better to just list each piece for sale individually or the whole kit in "as is" condition? Auction the best route to go or are there people here with lots of pieces parts that can help with a restoration at a reasonable cost? You're expert advice will be appreciated.

amosguy 05-14-2020 05:41 PM

Re: Rogers Holiday Set question.
Biggest question is how is the wrap? If not cracked, then worth way more then otherwise. If it need repair or replacing, then large expense. Parts are available with not too much problem All rims there and condition? Tom arm screws are easy to replace.

Lugs obviously hardest to find. Screws for them not a problem to find. Assuming 13-16-20-snare drums?

Ball park with your pictures is $500+ easily. Fully restored with original wrap should get $1000+.

Hockeydude19 05-14-2020 07:17 PM

Re: Rogers Holiday Set question.
The wrap is on solid and no cracks, really nice. I'm cleaning the wrap and hand cleaning/polishing the chrome now to take inventory of what else needs replaced or fixed. Thanks for the help!

CTMichaelV 05-20-2020 02:44 PM

Re: Rogers Holiday Set question.
Sent you a pm

Hockeydude19 05-20-2020 03:08 PM

Re: Rogers Holiday Set question.
Thanks everyone for the help. I posted a picture on a FB Rogers page and my messenger exploded. Not only did I get some great advice, but I also realized it was more work than I wanted to get into, so I sold it. Got a cash offer from someone local and he was able to pick it up. It's gone to a good home and it will be resurrected and look amazing!

idrum4fun 05-20-2020 06:23 PM

Re: Rogers Holiday Set question.

You probably did the right thing by selling it to someone who has the experience to deal with all the issues. I'm sure it went to a good home and the new owner, hopefully, will give it new life!

I gave new life to a Rogers Big R kit not too long ago. It was a lot of work and, while rewarding, I don't think I'd want to tackle something like that again! We all have our own comfort level in regards to restoration!


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