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jmcohen 01-20-2021 11:55 PM

Band Zildjian Cymbals?
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I just bought a drum set that came with a boatload of cymbals. The 13” hi hats are interesting. They are both heavy, and appear quite old. One cymbal is definitely heavier than the other, though.

One of the hi hat cymbals bears the stamp below, which simply reads “BAND” all in capital letters on the under side near the cup. I have never seen that before.

Does anyone know what the BAND designation means?

I included a photo of the top stamp for those who understand their meaning.



ps. Sorry for sideways photos. I forgot to take them in landscape mode.

vyacheslav 01-21-2021 02:44 PM

Re: Band Zildjian Cymbals?
Band usually refers to Marching Band or Field cymbals. That explains the heaviness. 13" is an odd size. Most marching band cymbals are 18" or 20".

jmcohen 01-21-2021 07:14 PM

Re: Band Zildjian Cymbals?
I was thinking along the same lines. I wonder if they made some small-ish cymbals for kids or something.

Thanks for the reply.


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