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Webmaster 11-13-2007 10:17 PM

Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Hello Vintage drummers!

As stated in another thread and spurred on by our resident Ludwig enthusiasts I will be compiling the Ludwig Configuration page..

This will feature the different configurations pictorially over the years through catalog scans, articles, magazine adds and drum sets from VSD members.

This is the page and it will change over time....Only the Jazzette and Rockers are clickable at the moment...

Webmaster 11-13-2007 11:28 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Ok, the foundation is in place and all of the images click to that configuration page....

Now I pull all of my Ludwig catalogs and see how and when the names started and changed...If in a different catalogs it is the same picture I will just list the year it is the same as long as all of the data is the same.

I will also add names as I go for different configurations...

They had a lot more in the 60's

I'm staying away from WFL names...


Webmaster 11-14-2007 12:04 AM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Just added the Quadra Plus, Octa Plus, Mach 5 and Mach 4 which were not in the 71 catalog but appeared in the 73 catalog


Webmaster 11-14-2007 10:31 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
The 1973 catalog shows some changes, 4 sets were dropped from the catalog and 4 sets were added to the product line..Then 3 sets had 24" bass drum configurations added and 3 remained unchanged...

24" bass drum option
Deluxe Classic Drum Set
Big Beat Drum Set
Rock Duo Drum Set

No Changes
Hollywood Drum Set
Super Classic Drum Set
Jazzette Remained the same...


Quadra Plus Drum Set
Octa Plus Drum Set
Mach 5 Drum Set
Mach 4 Drum Set


Carioca Drum Set
Club Date Drum Set
Down Beat Drum Set
Blue Note Drum Set

These have been updated accordingly....

mlvibes 11-16-2007 03:18 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Great project! I've been thinking it would be cool to photograph drums set up like they were in the catalog. My first attempt has been a gold sparkle Hollywood kit...feel free to use it. If you think it's a good idea, I could also do a Deluxe Classic kit, a Gold Coast kit, and a Jazzette kit this way.

Webmaster 11-16-2007 03:22 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Sure, I was going to set up each configuration with sets from drummers like the bottom of the jazzette page...

This will be perfect!


Webmaster 11-19-2007 11:40 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Hello all

I just added the 1960 Drum Set Scans and put them in the correct location on the page and created new pages for

The Ludwig Las Vegas Outift
The Ludwig Spotlight Outift
The Ludwig Hobby Outift
The Ludwig Combo Outift
The Ludwig New Yorker Outift

Also, I if you want to look at a specific year, I added that option as well...

More soon...


Webmaster 11-20-2007 10:18 AM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
I just added the 1962 Ludwig Drum Set Scans....

The changes include:

The Las Vegas is gone
The Miami Beach was added
The Traveler was added.

Other then that Ludwig changed the lay out with different color backgrounds on the main set. If the set and photo stayed the same I did not add it to the subsequent page graphically but in the text...


Webmaster 11-21-2007 11:19 PM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Hello all you turkey eaters!

Well, I just added the 1967 Ludwig Catalog scans

In this catalog you will see the Gold Coast added and the Miami Beach is gone....

The Moonliter was added in the 67 catalog

Other then that enjoy


Webmaster 11-24-2007 09:27 AM

Re: Nov 12, 2007 - Ludwig Drum Sets
Good morning!!

I just added the 1980 Ludwig Catalog to the page...

Lots of different configurations, including the Buddy Rich Drum Set...

Has anyone ever seen a Buddy Rich WMP Ludwig Set?

They must have sold a bunch of those sets, but I can't say I have ever seen one being sold on Ebay or in a private collection.



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