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johnnyringo 03-28-2020 02:13 PM

Relief Money
Who's using your relief money to buy new drums?
Keep on Pl

jaghog 03-28-2020 02:30 PM

Re: Relief Money
The only ones left for that money are made in c

Drummer21 03-30-2020 03:39 PM

Re: Relief Money
Plans are already on the drawing board,the wife has no say on this,did I just say that!

jda 03-30-2020 04:44 PM

Re: Relief Money
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...............; )

jda 03-30-2020 04:48 PM

Re: Relief Money

jccabinets 03-31-2020 03:54 PM

Re: Relief Money
Mine, if I get any will go right back to the feds for taxes.

DrumBob 04-01-2020 08:23 AM

Re: Relief Money
I might buy a nice snare, mostly because I don't have room for another set, and if I do, it will be a new one, something up to date, without the issues that can come with an old drum. I'm a DW endorser, so I'll start there, of course.

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