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Poetman 07-20-2019 02:22 PM

Gretsch T-rod Washers
Hi All,

I need a single washer for my round badge Gretsch bass drum
tension rod, but after a few hardware store purchases I have been
unsuccessful at finding a replacement. The washers either do not fit the T-rod diameter, or they fit over the rod but the overall circumference is too wide and the washer scrapes the bass drum hoop wood and I lay.

Does anyone know where I can find an adequate replacement? What specific size are they? Thanks!

salty 1322 07-20-2019 03:20 PM

Re: Gretsch T-rod Washers
I have never played a Gretsch drum in my life but, I had to reply just to let you know how much I greatly respect your striving for perfection! I really wish I could help you out, sir. Anyway, best of luck in your quest!


Poetman 07-20-2019 08:34 PM

Re: Gretsch T-rod Washers
Lol—thanks, Brian. Your post leads me to believe that a modern washer sold at Guitar Center might do the trick, in which case, don’t be that impressed, though I only need one washer, I’ll end up—reluctantly—springing for the pack!

DRUMR69 07-24-2019 11:25 AM

Re: Gretsch T-rod Washers
Could you take one of the old washers you already have and match it up?


idrum4fun 07-24-2019 01:06 PM

Re: Gretsch T-rod Washers

Originally Posted by DRUMR69 (Post 449405)
Could you take one of the old washers you already have and match it up?


You'll never be able to match an original vintage tension rod washer with anything new. When it comes to vintage drums, such as Camco, Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland, tension rods and washers were specific to each company. While many of us could care less about what tension rods and washers are used for refurbishing a kit, many of us do care! While specific tension rods can be found, it's a bit tougher with the washers, as a majority of them have rusted over time. While they can be cleaned with the proper equipment, sometimes it's just not worth it!

Jim Petty sells tension rod washers specific to Rogers and Slingerland. It can be pricey to outfit an entire kit, though!!


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