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section2 02-06-2015 09:52 AM

1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
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Long time no post! After a long dry spell (during which I gave the drums a break and started learning guitar and mandolin--lots of fun to be had there), I finally put the band back together and took my '65/'66 Clubbies out to a gig last weekend. When I bought them five years ago, they were in terrible shape: missing parts, peeling lacquer finish, and full of potting soil! I spent the next few years restoring them and refinishing them in BDP. I just need to find the time to add the bass drum inlays and they'll be all done. They sounded great at the gig, even unmiked. A joy to play.

The 14x20 bass and 8x12 tom are stamped with a 1965 production date. The bass has a stamp inside reading "Faust Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin." Anyone know the store?

The floor tom is a 1966 12x15 marching snare that I converted to a floor by replacing the rims and heads, refinishing to match the kit, and drilling for legs. I had originally hung it from an ISS mount, but added the legs for looks and convenience. I used Gibraltar floating floor tom feet and was pleased to find no loss of resonance over the ISS mount. I'd been worried that the snare beds would cause tuning problems but they haven't been an issue. The drum sounds great tuned low the way I like it.

The snare is a six-ply maple 6x12 that Donoho Drums custom-built for me back in 2004. I have an Acro to go with the kit, but for the funk-and-prog-influenced rock that our band plays, I find that the 6x12 has just the right mix of fatness and brightness.

I'm thrilled with the way the kit turned out. And let me tell you: having spent years lugging heavy Gretsch and Vistalite kits to shows, it's a real treat to carry these tiny, super-light, single-lug drums. Now I know why they call them Club Dates!

vintagemore2000 02-06-2015 03:28 PM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
I had a kit with this exact same wrap I sold on ebay it was a good looking kit. I like yours also !

Purdie Shuffle 02-06-2015 03:33 PM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
Very cool kit and great save! I like the combination of the deep 12" snare with the drum sizes of a Club Date kit, it's a good match-up. And yes, the last time I worked with a band was three years ago, but I had stripped down my gigging set-up to a Club Date kit with a 12"x15" floor tom. Once I mic'ed it up, it held it's own in a Blues Band with horns, keyboards, etc. Quick and easy load-in, load-out and it played great. Club Dates are just a smart choice for any bar/club/hotel type gigs.

Welcome back...


PS - Hey man, SMILE! You'e playing drums!!! :D

green glass drum 02-06-2015 10:05 PM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
They look great.
Were they a duco finish originally?

section2 02-06-2015 10:07 PM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
Thanks! The bass and 12" tom were originally a solid red lacquer. No duco. The floor tom was a blue sparkle that had some serious fade by the time I got it, so I didn't feel too badly about rewrapping them.

section2 02-06-2015 10:12 PM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP

Originally Posted by Purdie Shuffle (Post 336271)
PS - Hey man, SMILE! You'e playing drums!!! :D

Hee! Funny thing about that photo: I was grinning ear to ear throughout the whole gig, and then they snapped this one pic... :D

BigE 02-09-2015 11:24 AM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
Beautiful kit!! Yea, I know about the wrong timing with photos,HAHA!!

lucky 02-13-2015 08:34 AM

Re: 1965/66 Ludwig Club Dates in BDP
Nice kit, I'm sure it sounds great!
Faust Music was a Milwaukee eccentricity, I stumbled on it while lost trying to find my way to the highway! Mr. Faust was known to be a crummudgeon and you had to make an appointment to get in, I had heard of the place and knocked on the door, I think he only let me in because of being sweet on my wife!! He had some really great gear in there and I grew to really dig this guy. He sadly passed last year. If you google it there are some great stories about that place!

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