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Conversation Between Webmaster and DRUMR69
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  1. DRUMR69
    05-27-2016 04:15 PM
    I have an idea I'd like to run by you before proceeding.
    I have something that I would like to sell on this site.
    Then I would like to donate the proceeds to the forum. This is the tricky part in which how would you like that handled. So for an example: say it sells for $100.00 and shipping cost $30, I would like to donate $70 to the site. I am just wondering how should I accomplish this?
    1. Let them know in the For Sale section when selling.(just thought if it was mentioned in the for sale might get a better price) Win / Win for everyone.
    2.Don't mention and just donate after sale.(easiest way I know)
    Do you want them to pay me and I donate the money if we use option #1 or would you rather they Pay the shipping to me and they donate the remainder to you?
    I wanted to make sure this was ok with you before I proceeded. I would like any suggestion to make this work and be fair for everyone. I appreciate your time and this wonderful site which I visit daily.

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