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Conversation Between JimmySticks and DrumBob
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  1. JimmySticks
    03-28-2020 04:13 PM
    Bob, sorry to hear that your leaving, but I get it. I guess I know why you didn't respond to my pm now, because you were already trying to make some changes. We're going to miss you around here, as there aren't to many regulars, just guys popping in and out. You've been a big help to me on this drumming journey, and I thank you for that. Send me a PM once in a blue moon if you can. Take care my friend!
  2. DrumBob
    03-25-2020 08:12 PM
    Hey Jim, I'm writing a few friends here on the forum to basically say goodbye. It's time for me to check out of this morgue. Nothing is happening here at all. You come on the forum, look around and check later and not one person has responded to anything. I need to some action on forums I visit.

    Also, and this is the real reason, about six weeks ago, I communicated with David the owner through moderator TommyP that I was interested in purchasing the forum order to revamp it and hopefully make it better. I had marketing ideas and felt I could make it successful again. I have heard nothing. I have it on good counsel that david has lost all interest in the forum and has no plans to revamp or update anything. He just doesn't give a ****. That's no way to run a forum. I've had enough.

    Take care and keep practicing and learning. I may come back once in a while, but not on a daily basis. Take care and be safe.

  3. DrumBob
    09-12-2019 09:42 PM
    Jim, was this the red set in Patchogue?
  4. JimmySticks
    09-12-2019 01:53 PM
    Good news Bob. I was able to cut a deal with the seller of the MIJ kit for just the floor tom. Just brought it home and it matches my kit perfectly! I can't post pics here it seems, but will put one up on my user page or in the forum.
  5. DrumBob
    09-06-2019 09:58 PM
    Jim...That doesn't really work for me. I want the two toms and have no need for the bass drum. Sorry. I don't need to emulate Ginger Baker with two bass drums. I got over that nonsense in 1970. And I definitely don't want to drive out to Patchogue! It'll cost me $25+ in tolls, not to mention gas and my time.
  6. JimmySticks
    09-06-2019 08:51 PM
    I can't take the whole set. I don't have the room either, and I just coaxed my wife into me drumming, so I don't want her to OD on this...yet! Lol All I really want is the floor tom. What if I buy them, and I take the floor tom, and you take the rest?
  7. DrumBob
    09-06-2019 07:30 PM
    Also, they're way out in Suffolk County, over two hours away from me in NJ.
  8. DrumBob
    09-06-2019 07:30 PM
    Jim...Are you going to buy those red sparkle drums out on LI? Jeez, for $85, how can you go wrong, right? I'm tempted to grab them. I could use the 12" and 14" toms with the 20" bass drum I have now, but I have officially run out of space!

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