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09-11-2011, 10:00 AM
wondering if this cymbal has trashy sound and if paying under75. am i wasting my money ?

09-11-2011, 01:12 PM
wondering if this cymbal has trashy sound and if paying under75. am i wasting my money ?

It is trashy sounding. This line is essentially the same as a 2 or 3 star Zyn, and is also analgous to a Paiste Ludwig Standard or a Stanapole. These are made from NS-12 alloy and basically a lower budget line of cymbal.

But yes, they are trashy. And in my opinion that's precisley where they belong....

...in the trash.

10-04-2011, 10:24 AM
wondering if this cymbal has trashy sound and if paying under75. am i wasting my money ?

likely will be but surprises can happen. Beverley cymbals were identical to Zyns and Kruts. ------but the catch is ,from when? it seems that through the years various alloys were tried out and various alloy /thickness matches because two 14" Beverley cymbals played side by side may not sound alike and then they may too. the material they were made out of is nickel silver also called white brass but any smelter could alter the ratio of elements in that mix when asked to or make outright mistakes and riddle the metal with impurities. i've had Zyns that were as dead as a potlid and bendable to boot and then the next one is bright,invigorating,comes to full crescendo with brilliance and clarity and decays gracefully. to complicate matters ,there were two physical profiles for the Zyn,Krut and Beverley lines. one was a classic line and bell conformation, similar to Zildjian etc. and the other had a rather pointy bell with a sharply angled descending body ,somewhat resembling a Chinese hat. ----these have a very shrill and abrasive sound,with a quick decay---- probably ,they were some sort of China type cymbal but I have a couple of hi-hat factory matched pairs in this conformation and they are interesting, actually.----- all of the cymbals mentioned above are different than some of the 2 stars, standard quality and all of the 5 stars and super zyns. i have never seen a 3 star??

10-22-2011, 10:14 PM
Received my first drum kit back in 1967, a gold sparkle Lyra kit. I thought it was the greatest kit! However, it did not come with a high hat stand. My dad took me to Wallach's Music City in West Covina, CA and purchased a Ludwig direct pull 1123-1 for about $25. My parents could only afford a set of new 14" Beverly cymbals to go with it. They weren't bad sounding hats! The worst cymbal I ever had? The 16" Ajax that came with the Lyra! Even at 13 years old, I quickly discovered how to add rivets to the cymbal. It made a terrible cymbal tolerable! LoLoLoLo

10-26-2011, 09:07 AM
I may have a similar 16" Ajax and it is riveted but still wierd sounding. Trashy , doesn't really do it justice-----it's just plain uncymbal-like. Ajax were spun nickel-silver and came out in several thicknesses. If you happen upon the right diameterxthickness combo they jump from the unimaginable to excellent; there is almost no in between. I have two 18's ----one sounds like a Zyn with a cold and the other approaches a K in ping brilliance and wash tone and control. I have a 22" N.O.S. one, on that order as well, but the 21" from the 50's sounds like the lid of an industrial Wok. ???

11-09-2011, 12:21 AM
An industrial wok is just the sound ive been looking for!

11-09-2011, 02:10 AM

I just sold 2 pair of Zyn hats last week....

1 was a 12" pair,the other,14"..........

The 12" pair came with the Revere kit,circa 1966-67, I just got,
the 14" pair..........who knows how long I had those hidden in my "junk" pile of cymbals........

A buddy wanted a cheap pair of 14"s,so we went thru what I had.......

He compared the Zyn's to Planet Z's,and the Zyns won!

I noticed that the Zyns had what looked like machine hammering on both pairs I had,and the cymbals actually sung for a while when struck........not just a "Thud" like some I have seen......

Got $35 for the 14" pair.........did I sell too low?

The 12" pair I traded towards the Duco JazzFest I have for sale on here.

11-22-2011, 08:55 AM
Personally, I think a good pair of Zyn hi-hats is worth more than 35.00 but then the 35.00 is worth more than a good pair of Zyn hi-hats residing in a junk pile of cymbals.
They were machine hammered, with a varying number of rows. I do think that there was an unusual amount of effort put into Zyns for what they are. In the words of a representative of Premier " Zyn cymbals were pitched to the low end of the market----school bands and orchestras" and they were also clearly used as stock cymbals on the kits offered by both Premier and John Grey.
You know; if you go back into the British recordings of the early 60's----all those hits, sometimes by one hit wonders----- I think it would surprise us all, how many of those bright crashes and sizzling rides and chick chicks came out of Zyns. The cymbal brand does have a proud history in the development of the music that shaped the post war era. Of course drummers would grab Zildjians as soon as they could afford them but for some of them their mark was already made and it was made on Zyns.